About me


I am a landscape ecologist, pollination ecologist, behavioral ecologist, and ornithologist. I am especially interested in the effects of landscape disturbances on ecological processes. 



My current research addresses both basic and applied wildlife ecology questions in both temperate and tropical systems. I investigate specific mechanisms through which changes in landscape composition and configuration affect populations of animals and plants in both temperate and tropical forest systems. I place particular emphasis on factors that influence habitat selection (e.g., forest structure, forest composition, microclimate, intra-/interspecies interactions) and determine functional connectivity of landscapes (e.g., experimental movement tests, gene flow, resistance modeling). I study how these key behavioral processes scale up to influence gene flow, population dynamics and ecosystem functions.

My general interests include: 1) Animal movements and how they are influenced by landscape disturbances. 2) Landscape effects on plant and animal interactions (e.g. pollination, seed dispersal, stability of ecological networks).My work sits at the intersection of landscape ecology, pollination/seed dispersal ecology and behavioral ecology.  3) Landscape genetics. 4) Drivers of species distributions. And 5) The role of social information in resource and habitat selection.